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Marlow Goods is one of our favorite stores in Brooklyn for a few reasons. For one, their farm-to-fashion approach ensures that sure that no piece of the animals served at the Tarlow family restaurants goes to waste–their gorgeous leather goods are all made from the skins of the pigs, cows and goats on the menus at Diner, Marlow & Sons, Romans and Reynard. The designs, many of which are originals by owner Kate Huling, speak to an ethos we’re always trying to embrace–owner fewer, finer things. Replace a half dozen Chinatown handbags and a shelf full of acrylic sweaters you toss after one season with one perfect bag and an exquisitely simple pullover made from local wool. What’s more, shopping the Marlow Goods showroom, located above Marlow & Sons in South Williamsburg, feels like a secret you’re in on–you have to walk through a production kitchen to get to the handcrafted goods. Marlow Goods, located on the second floor, above Marlow and Sons at 81 Broadway,  is open Monday, 10am-3pm, Tuesday to Friday 10am-6pm and Saturday and Sunday from noon-6pm., Or, make an appointment by emailing contact@marlowgoods.com.

Here are a few of Kate Huling’s favorite things

Huling created this diminutive handbag in collaboration with Britten, a friend and loyal customer who was looking for a bag that would carry only her essentials and could go from day to night in the city. $386

Dos Cueros
The perfect tote.  Made of both cow and pig leather, the beauty of this bag is how light and simple it is.  Inside you will find a zipper pocket and a D-ring to keep track of your keys, creating the perfect mix of style and function.  As with the Britten handbag, the leather comes from the local farms that provide meat for the Tarlow family restaurants, and is tanned upstate using traditional tanning methods and natural dyes, and then handmade in New Jersey. $485

Card Cases, Tassels and Mini-Zips
Not only are these small leather goods beautifully made, they’re designed with keen eye toward making your daily life easier. The card cases ($85) are made from goat leather and made using a tanning process called chestnut tanning using natural dyes–they’re the perfect way to travel light,  carrying your metro card, cash and a few cards for quick, on the go use. Or go pro and fill it with your business cards.  Keep your small items and change sorted with the cow leather mini zip ($74) and and your keys in easy reach with the tassel ($62). Or, combine the two into one perfect package.  Huling designed the mini key zip and tassel ($125) for a friend who asked for a version of the mini zip she could attach keys to, so that she could use it for quick trips.  It’s the best way to have your wallet and keys with you all in one go.

Crew Neck Sweater
Each sweater is made from more than two pounds of wool from sheep at J. Philips farm in Germantown, Penn., which also supplies sheepskins for Marlow Goods and  lamb for the restaurants.  The wool is collected in the spring and then sent to Still River Mill in Connecticut and spun into yarn.  Stoll, a premiere sweater maker in the city, produced this crew neck sweater to Huling’s specifications. It’s the ultimate in winter warmth, available in red, navy blue, oatmeal and white. $475

Worker Jacket
Inspired by traditional Vietnamese worker jackets, this all-purpose topper is designed to be worn while you work or tend to your tasks.  Available in organic cotton, denim (both $225) or a winter-weight  hemp and merino wool blend ($275), its classic navy color and clean lines make it ultra versatile.

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