Gifts That Will Make You Look Great


Be a better gifter with goodies from Vine Wine, Owl and Thistle General Store and Hayden-Harnett.

Be a better gifter with goodies from Vine Wine, Owl and Thistle General Store and Hayden-Harnett.

It’s hard to focus right now, we know. Every site (including ours) is showering you with gift guides. So today we’re making it easy and zeroing in on two local shops and one homegrown brand that will make you look like the most thoughtful girlfriend/husband/mom/BFF on the planet.

Owl and Thistle General Store: This Crown Heights shop (and online store) is crammed with original gifts for every type and personality on your list, at very affordable prices. So when you buy, say, a few Bike Old Fashioned glasses ($11) for your bike-enthusiast/cocktail lover, you can easily add on star crayons ($6) for your arty niece, and pick up a raw silk scarf ($18) for your favorite fashion plate, and still have money left to spend on you. (We singled out five more great gifts here.) The best part is that everything Owl and Thistle sells is made locally, or sustainably, or is Fair Trade, so you will feel like a responsible shopper, too.

Vine Wine: The shelves at Vine hold a stellar selection of wines from young, interesting winemakers on the West Coast, all your old world favorites, loads of magnums and other big bottles, an eclectic selection of spirits and liqueurs and a stellar array of $15-and-under everyday drinkers. Vine has prepared a variety of creative and thoughtful gift packs for easy shopping, and the approachably knowledgable staff loves picking out gifts. Just give them a vague description and how much you want to spend and they’ll choose it, wrap it, and all around simplify your life. Vine’s annual champagne tasting is this Saturday, Dec. 14 from 3-6pm–this is a wine shop that loves bubbles, from Cava to Grand Cru so get your celebratory bottles now, and let them levitate you through the next few weeks.

Hayden-Harnett: If Audrey Hepburn and Karen O were locked in a department store and had to pick one handbag, they would probably fight over a Hayden-Harnett. The handbag and leather accessories designer takes classic styles and gives them an original, often bad ass twist. You could go a little punk with their Bowdoin clutch, or keep things simple and stylish with their clutch wallet. We singled out a few more great gifts on our site, but be sure to browse their brand-new men’s collection and travel sections–these bags are meant to go places. Most importantly, use the code HAPPYHOLIDAY at checkout for a whopping 30% off today, Dec. 13 through Monday, Dec. 16, site-wide, with free shipping. Keep an eye out this weekend for new markdowns, too.


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