Luxurious Natural Skincare from Soapwalla


Rachel Winard makes all of Soapwalla’s products in Brooklyn, from natural, organic ingredients that are wholesome and nourishing to your skin, hair and body. There are no gimmicks, no harsh chemicals or toxic additives–you could find most of the ingredients that go into her products in your local market. They’re also incredibly refined, effective and always smell amazing. Here are few Soapwalla items that will make everyone on your shopping list happier, healthier and more radiant. 

Restorative Face Serum
On January 1, after all the holiday parties, Christmas cookies and cocktails, you’ll want this restorative face serum at your side. Better yet, use it throughout the holidays to keep redness and puffiness at bay. It minimizes pores and lines, fights tired, dull-looking skin and moisturizes. And, it’s gentle enough to use all over your face, even in the eye area, so it will streamline your bedtime routine. $48

Deodorant Cream
This may just be the most written about deodorant of all time (if you exclude Kurt Cobain’s musings on Teen Spirit). Beauty editors, vegans and sensitive skin havers alike love the creamy formula, which actually works, despite having zero scary chemicals or additives. Clay and vegetable powders combine with lavender, peppermint and tea tree essential oils to absorb moisture, inhibit bacteria and make a great smelling, long lasting deodorant. $14

Indulgent Bath Soaking Salts, Citrus and Mint
Epsom salt baths are one of those folksy remedies that actually work and when you add sea salts, Utah Red Basin salts,  gray salt, sodium bicarbonate, and a custom blend of essential oils to the mix. It’s a gift that says, here, take some time for yourself to relax and recharge, and we can’t think of anyone who doesn’t need that. $12

Lip Locked Trio Gift Set
It’s crazy how quickly chapped lips can set in once the weather turns cold and dry. This trio of lip balms uses 100% organic ingredients like raw coconut oil, shea butter and rose hip oil to moisturize and nourish dry winter lips. And the three flavors, coconut lime, citrus ginger and lavender mint, are all winners. $28

Almond Luxe Gift Set 
There are so many luxurious, amazing products in the gift set–it’s like a spa day in a box.  Almond and ginger bath salts and body wash, plus two soap bars–almond oil and oats and cardamom and ginger–make for fragrant bath times, and the almond luxe body polish is a secret weapon against dry, itchy winter skin. Cleanse, exfoliate, relax and enjoy. $86

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