New Tunes for the New Year


Miss the old-fashioned mixtape? Pick up 20 new ones at Wednesday's Holiday Mixtape Swap Party (walkman optional).  Photo by henry... via Flickr.

Miss the old-fashioned mixtape? Pick up 20 new ones at Wednesday’s Holiday Mixtape Swap Party (walkman optional). Photo: henry/Flickr

Do you ever have that moment when you’re riding in to work, half-listening to your iPod on shuffle, and a song—let’s say Kids by MGMT—comes on and you suddenly realize that, if you hear this particular song (not to mention a handful of others that have been your playlist mainstays for years) just one more time, you might actually lose it? Well, friends, it’s probably time to shake yourself out of your musical rut.  As luck would have it, blanks nyc and Splitty, the bao bun joint we reviewed back in June, are hosting a Holiday Mixtape Swap Party this week that provides the perfect opportunity for an inventory overhaul just in time for any holiday-related travels/present-wrapping/cookie baking/annoying family member avoidance. Here’s how it works: You rsvp via Facebook; make a mixtape (CDs are fine too) complete with cover art (in my ancient day, this step was almost as important as the music); make 20 copies of your tuneage masterpiece; and bring them to Splitty at 8pm on Wednesday night. Drink and be merry, and, finally, leave with 20 new mixtapes, poised to breathe new life into your iTunes library in 2014.

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