Three Classes to Take This Week



Study color theory using flowers as your palette.

Learn French
Learning a new language stimulates your brain in interesting ways, makes you a savvier traveler and might even be a good way to meet fellow polyglots.There are tons of language classes in every tongue and level out there, but right now there’s a sale on beginner French at Cactus Language Courses in Brooklyn Heights and on level 4 French at Fluent City New York in Williamsburg.

Go Floral
Other than a vacation somewhere warm or spell in a sauna, the next best thing to beautiful weather is a beautiful bouquet. Learn the art of floral arrangement, and go home with an armful of flowers, at New York School of Floral Design in Chelsea or study color theory using flowers as the palette at New York Botanical Garden‘s midtown location.

Get Cheese-y
Despite the fact that there’s all sorts of amazing European raw milk cheese we can’t get our hands on here, New York is still an excellent town for cheese lovers. Learn more about the very many varieties of Italian cheeses at Cooking Acappella, or go DIY and study cheesemaking 101 at The Homestead at Bedford Cheese Shop Gramercy.

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