Hot Off the Small Presses


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Some of New York City’s best small presses and zine makers will be at Silent Barn this Saturday for a festival devoted to indie publishing, art and music. GIF: DiTKO! Zine Library

Stop the presses! Wait, don’t stop the presses, that’s a terrible idea. This Saturday strap on your messenger bag and ride the rails to the semi-annual Paper Jam Small Press Festival at Silent Barn. Hosted by Silent Barn’s very own DiTKO! Zine Library, the fest will bring together a curated selection of local artists and presses to share their work, along with musical performances from Celestial ShoreCloud Becomes Your HandAye Aye Rabbit and Little King. The press festival and the 6pm art opening for Brigit Larsen are free, but the musical part of the day, which starts at 8pm, will run you $8. Exhibitors include AlabasterOlivia Fox, and Paper Rocket Mini Comics. The festival officially opens at 1pm.

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