A Groovy Kind of Love


Valentines Day is a pretty lame holiday really: If you’re attached you end up spending way too much money on dinner and walk away feeling like a chump, and if you’re single, well, we all know why that’s annoying. Either way, you probably get stuck eating one of those godawful maple cremes from a Whitman sampler at some point and cursing the coworker who put it in your path. Phil Collins Day, by contrast, is a 100% stress-free affair occurring every Feb. 15 that involves no subpar candy and requires only your love for the former Genesis frontman and his catalog of awesome hits. Ring it in the right way at a Phil-themed show and dance party, featuring live music from Hello Phones, Nicholas Nicholas, A Bunch of Dead People and Andre Obin, as well as DJ sets from DJ Guy Ana Ross of the Love Supreme. It all goes down 8pm Saturday at Bar Matchless, provided you pay the $5 cover and rsvp here.

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