Warm Up Wednesday


This year’s unrelenting winter probably hasn’t been great for our collective waistlines. I for one have been dealing with the snowy doldrums by consuming epic quantities of movie popcorn and grilled cheese and, now that the forecast shows a glimmer of sunnier skies ahead, there is definitely some rabbit food remediation in my future.  That said, the large-scale lifestyle change doesn’t have to happen this week, and we might as well get in some good, stick-to-your-ribs comfort food while the temperatures are still excusing and/or demanding it. This is where the Freaky Deaky, a sandwich available at Beast of Bourbon during Wednesday’s weekly Soul Kitchen night, comes into play. A masterpiece of artery-clogging excess, it consists of a pork rib sandwich topped with mac and cheese and Fritos, and it’s available for $12 (those who aren’t feeling quite so ravenous can opt for a regular rib sandwich for $10). There are also drink specials and classic Motown and R&B hits spinning to set the mood for a great February weeknight out on the town. –KH

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