It’s a Sausage Party



Expect a sausage fest at Franny’s Beer & Charcuterie event this Sunday, with nine kinds of house-made links and drink pairings. Photo: Franny’s

One upside of the polar vortex is that if you thought you missed Franny’s Beer & Charcuterie event earlier this month, you’re in the clear: it was rescheduled for this Sunday because of snow! Rest assured, you can still partake in this grand, four-course meal, featuring nine different varieties of house-made sausages and cured meats, all the accouterments and seasonal beer pairings. The menu is not for the trepidatious, as it includes dishes like pig trotters and crostino of sanguinaccio (that’s chocolate pudding made with pig’s blood, for the uninitiated), but anyone who is solidly in the carnivorous camp and looking for something unusual should register and pick up a ticket here. Beer aficionados will be happy to see brews from the likes of Sixpoint, Evil Twin, Baladin, and Stillwater served with each course. Bon appétit!

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