No L or 7 Trains to Manhattan This Weekend


imagesDear North Brooklyn,

You may not know me, or even like me, but this weekend I’m one of your best options for getting into Manhattan.

Let’s review the facts:

The L train is not running from Myrtle Wyckoff to 8th Avenue.

There are no 7 trains between Queensboro Plaza and Time Square. UPDATE, 7 train maintenance has been cancelled for this weekend.

To get into Manhattan, you’ll have to choose between me and the E train at Court Sq; ride the G all the way to Hoyt-Schermerhorn; or take my friend the M. Not to sound down on myself, but I’d just stay in Brooklyn, if I were you.


The J Train


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  1. Graham BID -

    Dear J Train
    We love you and the M…while the L may be trendy…you’re outside and on top of the world of Brooklyn…great views and you offer the Flushing Ave. stop for the largest and most affordable shopping in Williamsburg!
    Sign me…don’t tunnel me in!


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