Relax, Restore and Roleplay


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Downward-facing dog meets Dungeons and Dragons during this Saturday morning yoga session in Crown Heights. Photo:

You certainly aren’t alone if Dungeons & Dragons and athleticism have never been linked in your mind, but maybe it’s time they should be. Since early this year, Scott Wayne Indiana, an artist and part-time dungeon master, and Sarah Dahnke, a yoga instructor, have been working together to bring the classic nerdy fantasy game out of the basement and into the chakra studio with a new class called D&D Yoga. Indiana guides the class through a narrative about swordfighting, forests, goblins, and all the other stuff you’d imagine would be involved, while Dahnke leads you through newly developed poses like “flipping the switch” and “dice rolling.” Fresh off a few sessions at SXSW, the class will be returning to the LaunchPad this Saturday at 11am for the price of a $5 suggested donation. Keep in mind that people are always looking for fun ways to change up their workout routines, so you’ll have to arrive early if you want to be one of the 18-20 “players” to get in on the game.

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