Six Items to Ease You Into Spring, Handpicked from Brooklyn Boutiques



In honor of the seasonal shift, we asked the owners of some of our favorite Brooklyn boutiques to recommend their top picks to transition into warmer temps. Whether you’re spring cleaning your apartment, your wardrobe or yourself, here are six items from Thistle & CloverGoldy + Mac,  Wolves Within and their seasonal pop-up, Home of the Brave, to help you get started.

thistle-and-clover-for-bb-291x3001. Ace & Jig Studio Shift DressWarm enough for the “lion” start of March (simply throw on some fleecy tights, stacked boots, and a cardi), but also perfect for the lamb-like days ahead (trade in those tights, boots and cardi for a jean jacket, ballet flats, and bare legs–freshly buffed with Goldies sun scrub). $237 at Thistle & Clover

2. Goldies Winter Sun Scrub: You may be ready for spring, but are your legs? This scrub combines walnut shell powder for a deep exfoliation, coconut soap for a moisturizing lather, the astringent toning of basil, and anise essential oils. $24 at Thistle & Clover



second-go-at-bb-spring-fashion-guide3. Collective Blouse: The three-quarter sleeves on this silky blouse makes it the right call for NYC’s hot one minute, cold the next weather. A good secret with this brand is that it’s almost indestructible. Wash it in the sink and hang dry–it will look great every time. $54 at Goldy + Mac

4.  Downtown Vegan Moto Jacket: An update on your basic spring jacket, this Vegan Moto Jacket adds a bit of tough rocker edge to your wardrobe but still feels soft to the touch. You won’t believe it’s vegan! To make the look more delicate, add one of this season’s bright scarves in a light airy fabric. You will also notice the beautiful lining to keep you extra warm when you are all zipped up. $88 at Goldy + Mac



wolves-within-291x3005. Amelie Mancini Arrow Board: Brooklyn-based French designer Amelie Mancini has created beautiful hand-carved Arrow Boards from locally sourced walnut wood, perfect for taking your favorite snacks outside, or serving friends and family any time of day. Each board features intricately carved arrowhead handles with their own unique grain pattern, making each one of a kind. Oiled in beeswax and mineral oil for a super smooth finish, this is a stylish addition to any kitchen. $145 at Home of the Brave

6. Job & Boss Crossbody Bag: This all-leather bag is the perfect action plan for a spring clean—it’s a great reminder that you shouldn’t be lugging around a bag full of crap. $156 at Wolves Within


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  1. amy g -

    thanks for this round up! it’s great to see what the local businesses have on offer!

  2. Alex -

    Thanks for this — good to know about all of these places, but please note that Goldy and Mac is actually in GreenPORT, not Greenpoint.

    • Jordan Galloway -

      Hi Alex. My mistake. Just corrected the store location. Thanks for reading!


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