Sneak Preview of 35 Claver Place at 2014 SONYA Art Walk: Third Floor


Tip #3 even in silence“Even in Silence,” photographed by 35 Claver Place artist Sue Kessler

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In previous posts, we told you about the upcoming 35 Claver Place show happening during the 2014 SONYA Art Walk, May 17-18—now let’s meet the rest of the artists. Rounding out the third floor there are mixed media works, sound compositions and prints by Sam Owens and an interactive installation by Confection Ltd.’s Teresa Herrmann and Pepin Gelardi—a space divided by free-floating mylar walls. The fourth floor houses performance photography by Sue Kessler, paintings and pastels by paint-maker Karl Kelly, and “burn silhouettes” by multi-disciplinary artist Joel Mellin. For more information, check out their website.

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