Get Your Apartment Cleaned for Only $19 and Go Do Something Fun


Your call. | photos by Kit and Visit Finger Lakes via Flickr
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Yes, we’re all capable of cleaning our own apartments. But who wants to? Especially when you can pay $19 to have it cleaned by the professionals at Handybook.

This new cleaning service is offering a crazy introductory price for your first two-hour home cleaning. You just book an appointment online (which is a snap) and you’ll get a home cleaner who is experienced, fully insured, and whose background check is as spotless as your apartment will be, or your money back.

The next time you’re trying to reach that gross no-man’s land behind the toilet with your mop, ask yourself, “Would I pay $19 to not have to do this?” We both know the answer is yes. Think of what else you could do with those two hours. A long brunch? A last-minute picnic? A bike ride in the sun? Wherever you go, you’ll be coming home to a clean apartment.

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