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The premise of Ask Roulette, a live show and podcast, is simple–you get to ask a stranger a question, any question, on stage in front of an audience. The catch? You have to answer a question first. Ask Roulette is coming to The Bell House for its first Brooklyn show, and bringing Chuck Klosterman, of Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs and The Ethicist fame, as well as Jay Smooth of WBAI and Ill Doctrine, along for the ride. We have a pair of tickets to give away. Email us with the subject line “Ask Roulette” and the question you would ask a stranger, and we’ll pick a winner at noon on Friday. Or, play it safe and get your tickets now.

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  1. Andrew -

    This used to be free at HousingWorks Bookstore/Cafe in LES, and it was worth every penny. :-p Strange that something would move from Manhattan to Brooklyn and the price would increase… I guess there’s a commentary on gentrification in there, somewhere?

    • Jody - Ask Roulette -

      Hey Andrew-
      Jody from Ask Roulette here. We are still doing our regular every-other-month show at Housing Works, don’t worry! But we’re also trying out some other spaces and versions of the show as well. The Bell House is a little bigger, reaches a different crowd, we want to cover some of our costs, so hopefully you’ll find the Bell House show worth 1000 pennies…


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