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“Who Took Johnny” looks at a 30-year-old cold case, the disappearance of Johnny Gosch, the first missing child to appear on a milk carton. Photo: Brooklyn Film Festival

The past few months have been kind of terrible for movie goers, especially when compared with the excitement of the small screen, from our collective love affair with True Detective this winter, to the dramas playing out on Mad Men and Game of Thrones right now. Though I’m excited to see Godzilla, there are no other big summer movies I’m particularly pumped for, and don’t even get me started on the sad Spiderman reboot we’ve had dumped in our laps. So what’s a film fanatic to do? Go indie and start this weekend at the Brooklyn Film Festival. Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky, the makers of Battle for Brooklyn, have a new film in the festival, and the feature film Intimate Semiphores includes roles by Abbi Jacobson, Ilana Glazer of Broad City. Yes, small budget indie films can be a mixed bag, but they’re always interesting, and at least they’re not bloated, smarmy reboots of the same crap you saw last summer.–AG

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