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By Brooklyn

Of all the ways to celebrate Bastille Day this week, By Brooklyn’s Third Annual French Bulldog Party is probably the cutest. Photo: By Brooklyn

The dog days of summer have officially arrived, and no, we’re not talking about By Brooklyn’s annual celebration of Brooklyn’s most popular pooch—the French bulldog. We’re talking about the stretch between the Fourth of July and Labor Day when the temperatures heat up and there seems to be no end to the events vying for attention on our social calendars. This weekend alone will play host to Bushwick Pride’s ninth annual parade and party for equality;  City of Water Day, a celebration of NYC’s waterways which offers free boat tours on ferries, schooners, tall ships and tug boats; and the annual petanque tournament on Smith Street in honor of Bastille Day. Le Fooding is back in New York this weekend, landing at Rockaway Beach for a series of picnics on the boardwalk (we have two tickets to give away to their Friday afternoon event). And, tonight the New York Philharmonic plays in Prospect Park, followed by fireworks, for free. That’s all to say, there’s lot to do this week in our amazing city, and here are seven more events worth putting on your radar.

Wednesday, July 9: When I went to see Conan O’Brien’s Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television tour a few years back, I was bowled over by the weird and wonderful opening set by a young musician/comic I had never heard of at the time, Reggie Watts. Since then, Watts’ star has been on an aggressive rise: he’s given a Ted Talk, performed with LCD Soundsystem, landed a starring role on Comedy Bang! Bang!, and collaborated with just about every comedian you can think of. Check him out in an intimate arena on Monday night, when he opens for Greg Barris, another brilliant comic who is recording his latest comedy album at Union Hall. Online tickets are sold out, but there will be some $12 tickets available at the door. This event sold out shortly after we published–go check out the Philharmonic in Prospect Park instead! –KH

Thursday, July 10: The sixth annual Game Play hits Brooklyn this Thursday and continues through Aug. 10 at The Brick. The month-long festival features works that walk a fine line between video gaming and performance—like The Dance and the Dawn, a live action role play game that incorporates waltzing and a dance lesson for those who need it. Live presentations, interactive installations and actual game playing—from Rock Band Karaoke to old-school Dungeons & Dragons, they’ve got a little something for everyone. Hit up The Brick for the free Opening Night Preview Cabaret this Thursday–grab your free ticket here.

Friday, July 11: Hopefully the Fourth didn’t burn you out on patriotism cause this Friday and Saturday is the second annual Great Americana Roots Stomp at Union Hall. Kick it root down at this rompin’, stompin’, honky tonkin’ hoedown that’ll have you rocking out to local bands of the Americana persuasion. Bands like Jumbo BrownBobtown and Jan Bell & The Maybelles will grace the stage while you drink beers and eat “Much Macho Nachos” or a “Steak Sammich,” or maybe a “Basket O’ Corndogs” is more appropriate? It’s all on the Union Hall food menu so order what you want. Tickets are $10—or one slap of an Alexander Hamilton—now ain’t that America?

Saturday, July 12: As anyone who has spent time in a dog park around here knows, French Bulldogs are a wildly popular breed among Brooklynites—so much so, in fact, that they have their own Bastille Day-related event in Cobble Hill. On Saturday, By Brooklyn is hosting the Third Annual French Bulldog Party in its backyard, and all Frenchie enthusiasts are invited to celebrate the bat-eared, smoosh-nosed furballs from 3-5pm. Entry will run you $5 if you have a Frenchie (or any other canine) in tow and $10 otherwise, which covers cocktails and snacks from Stinky Bklyn, Smith & Vine, Dassara and Morris Kitchen. Best of all, net proceeds will go to help less fortunate dogs through Brooklyn Animal Action, a local rescue organization.

Sunday, July 13: Take a ride this Sunday on a big yellow school bus with the crew from Mono No Aware. Meet up at BAM for a drive up north to the Warwick Drive-In Movie Theater where your $25 has scored you a roundtrip bus ride, a ticket to see Transformers IV on the big screen, and a movie essential: popcorn! Don’t miss your chance to hang out under the stars at this amazing outdoor theater built way back in the 1950s. Plus, when was the last time you rode a school bus on a Sunday? Register here.

Monday, July 14: This Monday, Atlas Obscura has organized an event based around a story that sounds more like the plot line of a summer blockbuster than the true-life tale it turns out to be. At 8pm at ACME Studio in Williamsburg, they will be exploring what they’ve discovered to be the “alarmingly cutthroat world of rare maps,” with help from Michael Blanding, and investigative journalist and author of The Map Thief. Blanding’s book is about E. Forbes Smiley III, a well-respected dealer of antiquated maps who was living a double life as a master art thief, making a killing selling invaluable maps he was able to gain access to because of his excellent credentials. What finally led to his capture? A dropped razor blade in the rare-books department of Yale University’s library. If your mind wasn’t blown by everything that’s just been broken down for you, consider grabbing another cup of coffee and a ticket to Obscura Society NYC Presents: The Map Thief.

Tuesday, July 15: For me, the only good thing about 90-plus degrees is the opportunity to drink lots of refreshing, lemony shandy, and I’ve been basically chugging Narragansett Del’s Shandys this summer. It’s the perfect blend of tart and sweet, and the low alcohol content means you can indulge on a Tuesday night without paying the price all day at work on Wednesday. Del’s is available for the season in bars and shops all over Brooklyn, but I know for sure you can order one at The Double Windsor or the Lock Yard or pick up a six-pack of tall boys at Whole Foods. –KH

This week’s tips by Jordan GallowayKate Hooker, and Jay Honstetter.

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