Wanted: Used Foam for an Installation at Makeshift Society


wallwithfoamWhen we wrote about Makeshift Society, a new co-working space that opened on Hope Street in Williamsburg back in May, we mentioned  that Bryan Boyer, founder of that space,  wanted it to be more of a collaborative community for creatives than a glorified coffice, and that they’d be adding new projects over time. Time for an update–with foam.

Elisa Werbler and Lucy Knops, two designers doing summer residencies at Makeshift, are currently working on a permanent installation for the space, a clear wall filled with foam. They’re looking for foam. In a statement about this project, titled, The Foam Agency, Werbler and Knops outlined all the wonderful properties of the material:

Traditionally, insulation foam has worked hard to prevent drafts and keep moisture out of walls. Artists and designers have adopted the material as a tool for expressing ideas because of its low cost and high flexibility. From beautifully articulated hand crafted models to full-scale architectural mock-ups, rigid foam has become an integral part of the making process. The installation at Makeshift Society celebrates all of the wonderful properties of rigid insulation foam.

foamIf you’re thinking, “Why do they need MY foam, can’t they just buy it?” the answer is that part of the whole project is to make sure that this is foam that has gone through a transformation. Werbler and Knops want to fill the wall with scraps that speak to a wide array of other projects, and pasts, not new, pristine, storyless foam. So there you have it.

Have some foam? Here’s how to donate and enshrine it at the Makeshift Society.

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