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Eskayel and Casetify teamed up for a line of iPhone cases with fresh and interesting patterns. Photo: Eskayel

According to The The New York Times, 39 million iPhone 6s have been sold so far, and while I know plenty of iPhonephiles eagerly awaiting their new phone (or who have one in hand after waiting in line at the Apple Store) no one I know has bought a protective case. The problem with iPhone cases is that they always seem to transform a sleek and elegant object into a clunky piece of plastic and silicone. There are cases out there though, that are as carefully designed as your phone, and it turns out that some of the best options come from Brooklyn. Here’s what I turned up while searching for the perfect case.

Eskayel @ Casetify ($39.95, free shipping) Eskayel is a Brooklyn-based design studio founded by artist and designer Shanan Campanaro that delivers exquisite, and environmentally conscious, wallpaper, furniture and home goods to stores like ABC Carpet. A collaboration with Casetify has made the brand’s unique watercolor patterns available as iPhone cases. Trying to choose between one hundred tiny artworks was one of the more difficult decisions of my life. Each time I thought I had narrowed it down, my heart stirred at another pattern. Bali stripes, muted ikat, or abstract polar bears? I finally decided on the Madagascar Moss, and when it arrived in the mail, it was absolutely perfect. The case itself doesn’t feel all that sturdy, but the plastic molds to the phone better than others I’ve tried and actually seems to keep the integrity of the sleek iPhone 6 design. As long as it doesn’t slip out of my hands, this remains my favorite.


EXOvaults are as lovely, and as pricey, as the phones they protect. Photo: EXOvault

EXOvaults are as lovely, and as pricey, as the phones they protect. Photo: EXOvault

EXOvault ($120-300) If price is no concern and good design an imperative, then boy do I have a selection of exquisite cases for you. EXOvault is a Brooklyn-based company, launched by Jonathan Schipper and Amelia Biewald, who are invested in craftsmanship and quality. Made from brass, nickel and expensive woods, their cases might more accurately be called sculptures. Cases for iPhone 6 (they also make cases for iPhone 5/5s and Galaxy S5) are currently in pre-order, and with your $100 deposit, you get a 25% discount on your final order. Each case comes with a teeny tiny screwdriver for fitting it to your phone. The upsides: These cases are as beautiful as what they protect, and they’re meant to last a lifetime. Downside: the phone it’s pricily protecting will be obsolete in just a few years.

6FLAT-001_1024x1024Blissful Case ($32) This Brooklyn design house was, “tired of either mass produced cases or crazy dorky prints,” and came up with their own solution with well made, of-the-moment patterns. Currently, there are only about 12 iPhone 6 models to choose from, but more are coming (in new and exciting prints). Many have a predictable Brooklyn feel–read: arrows, anchors and colorblocking–but somehow feel fresh and interesting as a phone case. I particularly liked the Geometric Stream and the Pyramid models and if you browse what’s available for iPhone 5s, some of their wood designs have a similar aesthetic to EXOvault at a fraction of the price. Each case is hand printed, and the thing that sets these apart for me is how sturdy they feel. My phone will definitely be protected with the rubber and metal material, and the sides are textured for good grip. For all practical purposes (construction and price), this case is a winner.

AnniesBlueRibbonAnnie’s Blue Ribbon General Store, Park Slope ($40)  Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store is my go-to place for gifts and gadgets that I didn’t even know that I wanted. Although it’s not in stock yet, they have a see-through case that on order that solves my main iPhone 6 problem–why did I order a gold phone? I waited an extra week for this back-ordered color combination, and now I have it completely covered up by a case. Annie’s has found a case made from what looks to be lucite, for plenty of shock-absorbing protection, which also incorporates an etched floral design. It isn’t available yet for purchase, but will be on the shelves by early November.

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  1. Karren Malloy -

    To be honest we are talking about the newest iPhone and no one would like to see something that is so cool being wripped out and broken in the first months. For Instance my mistake was that I bought a blue plastic case which was supposed to be precisely for this purpose(protecting) second week fell of when I was getting on the bike.. I would recommend rubber or thick plastic with rubber , I see them all around the shops. Even SD Phones and http://www.moarmouz.com/ said that they work.


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