Contest: A Brooklyn Staycation and Shopping Spree




This time of year always feels a little frenzied. The days are shorter and the nights and weekends are cluttered with parties, drinks and work commitments. Then come the holidays. It’s an exciting season, but it’s also a grind, leaving you wanting a little respite from it all.

How about two nights at Urban Cowboy, a sweet away-from-it-all-right-in-the-thick-of-it B&B in Williamsburg? Add to that a gorgeous vintage serape (you don’t have to go Williamsburg-native and fashion it into some kind of garment–you can snuggle under it on the couch or in bed) from Man of the World, plus a $500 shopping spree at Kaufmann Mercantile, one of our favorite emporiums of the beautiful and functional.

We’ve been on a stuff reduction kick lately that goes something like this: Own fewer, more perfect things. Our partners in this contest embody that ethos to a T. Man of the World (you’ll also receive a subscription to their monthly magazine), stocks classic tools and objects–many of which look like they’d be at home on Don Draper’s desk. Kaufmann Mercantile has become our go-to for lovely gifts, excellent kitchen items and elegant objects that elevate daily life. Enter now and give yourself a moment to pause and refresh, right here in Brooklyn. 

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