Keep Warm and Carry On–Cold Weather Gear for All


Coats, hats, even arm warmers that will keep you cozy this winter.

Coats, hats, even arm warmers that will keep you cozy this winter.


Last year was a cold winter, but this year could be even colder, if you have faith in folk wisdom. The Old Farmer’s Almanac is calling the arctic chill that they claim is getting ready to sweep over us “refriger-nation.” Don’t just stand there with your teeth chattering. Gear up and prepare ahead of time–and believe us, it’s time. With Bean boots sold out in almost every size and color, there’s a serious run on winter gear going on right now. But fear not, we’ve got you covered from hat to foot and everything in between (including your kids).

Step One: Procure the warmest jacket that you can afford.

Don't let the polar vortex get you down.

This Chateau Jacket will protect you from an ice age.

Are you ready to upgrade from your reliable Brooklyn Industries down coat? No? Then skip ahead to Step Two. Yes? Then take a deep breath, and get ready to shell out some serious cash for an investment that will hold you through to the next ice age. Canada Goose will help you embrace winter with some of the warmest jackets on the market. The Women’s Victoria Parka ($695) has a slim silhouette so you won’t look like a trash bag, and is filled with 625 white duck down, and a removable coyote fur ruff. For men, there’s the Chateau Jacket ($745), which is heavy duty enough for snowshoeing, but light enough for city walking. If you aren’t down with down, there’s other options.  Bushwick’s own Cadet designs and manufactures this classic 100% wool timeless Navy Peacoat ($898) right in Brooklyn. Or, if you need a warm coat that is budget priced, head to Uniqlo, where you can find all manner of puffers from $100 and under–especially if you time your purchase to a sale.

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