What happens if you drive a car2go outside the Brooklyn home area?



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Whether you’re last-minute holiday shopping or busy stocking your New Year’s Eve bar, the new car sharing service car2go has made it easier to run errands in Brooklyn this season. But just because you have to end your car2go trip within the Brooklyn home area doesn’t mean you can’t roam to your heart’s content. In fact, they encourage it. So you should feel free to get dim sum in Flushing, visit friends and family on Long Island, take a spur-of-the-moment ski trip upstate…go wherever you’re itching to go. Just know that your trip doesn’t end until you park the car in an approved space in the Brooklyn home area and follow the instructions to end your trip.

Here’s what you need to know about Brooklyn rates:

— $0.41 per minute, plus tax
— Maximum of $14.99 per hour, plus tax
— Maximum of $84.99 per day, plus tax
— $0.45 per mile after 150 miles on any continuous trip

So, for example, if you were to drive a car2go out of town for two days, for a total of 200 miles round trip, you would be charged for two days at $84.99 and 45 cents per mile for the last 50 miles. The nice thing about this flexibility is that it allows you to be spontaneous. If you’ve had one too many eggnogs and decide to stay over at a friend’s on Christmas Eve rather than drive home, it’s no problem. You won’t have to panic about returning your car2go on time, because there are no reservations to honor.

And keep your eye out for announcements from car2go — they sometimes offer limited-time discounted rates, like the $50/day rate they recently advertised over the Thanksgiving weekend. Especially in a city where rentals and car shares get snapped up on big travel weekends, a deal like that is practically a holiday miracle.