Where to Get a Tree in Brooklyn


Last week we wrote about a few Christmas tree delivery services around New York, and asked you to share where you got your tree, how much it cost and any other notable tips about your local tree-sellers. We’ve compiled the results into a Google map, which you can continue to add to, for your tree-buying ease.

One reader also let us know that Christmas Tree Brooklyn is yet another great source, if you want to order your tree online and have it delivered (they also have three stands, on the map, where you can pick a tree and have it delivered or haul it home). There’s quite a range of prices here. No matter what size tree you get, and what you choose to decorate it with, we highly suggest making some hot toddys or mulled cider, popping a batch of cookies in the oven, and making an afternoon out of it.

And again, you can add to this map, so please do if your favorite tree-monger is not on there.


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