Your Ideal Week: Jan. 15 – Jan. 21


Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 7.21.25 AM“Remain in Manhattan.” Those are the words of warning from a 1975 survival guide to NYC, issued to tourists by disgruntled police officers facing layoffs by then Mayor Abraham Beame. It’s amusing in hindsight, given the current standoff between the NYPD and Mayor de Blasio, because the thought of a less robust police force in the near-bankrupt NYC of the 70s actually does seem frightening. All we’ve experienced, so far, are fewer parking tickets. Manhattan also carries far less cultural clout than it did 40 years ago. If we were printing a survival guide today, tourists would just ignore it and head straight to Brooklyn anyway. They may not know exactly where to go beyond the Brooklyn Flea, but that leaves more room for us at the readings with celebrated authors, shows with legendary bands, sweaty dance parties and funny storytelling series, all happening this week. Here’s how to make the most of it.

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Tips this week by Nicole Davis, Nicole Ortiz, Alex Jordan and Nikita Richardson 

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  1. Anne -

    Please stop with the page view-friendly formatting. Reading your longer articles has become nearly impossible – it is too time-consuming to click through 8 pages for a single paragraph on each page. Not to mention that we live in a subway city and I can’t make it to page 2 before my phone loses data service.

    Go back to your previously user-friendly formatting. Pretty please?

    • Amy S. -

      This times a thousand. I liked it best when all the info was in the email. I understand that they need to drive traffic to the site, but when I get to the site, don’t also make me click a page number 8 times.


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