Work Smarter with Free Classes from GA Front Row, an Exclusive Deal for BB Readers



It’s been three weeks since you made your resolutions, and you’re probably still doing some very good things for yourself in 2015. But how about your career? The way that you work can always use some fine tuning, and General Assembly has a suite of classes that will improve your design, tech, marketing, and entrepreneurialism skills, all free for Brooklyn Based readers for three months, and all available to stream, which is great considering it’s freezing outside.

When you register here before March 31, you’ll get unlimited access to both live and on-demand streaming classes for three months. The online library of tutorials draws upon the workshops and seminars General Assembly offers at their Flatiron office and online, and allows you to pick and choose your coursework and become fluent in new concepts at your own pace. How to pivot your career, create your first content strategy, hire a developer (or become one yourself), a guide to crowdfunding, an introduction to SEO, a social marketing summit from the honchos at Thrillist and Gawker–all of these topics are waiting in the ether, ready to impart some wisdom once you hit play.

The only thing you won’t be able to do, when you say, learn how to make infographics with Larry Buchanan, journalist, designer and coder with the New Yorker, is ask him questions–though you can download the course materials, skip to and rewind the chapters that are important to you, and hear him crack some Portlandia jokes.

Sign up here to learn what you want, when you want. We’ve also teamed up with General Assembly to offer an introductory class on digital advertising Saturday, Feb. 7 from 10am to 1pm, lunch included, for content creators and anyone advertising their business. You will have to leave your couch for this one, though.

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