Contest: Win a Bespoke Banquet for Eight (with Wine)



Dinner parties. We love them almost as much as we love Brooklyn’s incredible restaurant scene, and in fact, some nights, with some groups, we love them even more. Entertaining though, can be a challenge when your dining room table is also your coffee table and your desk when you work at home. And when your oven door doesn’t open all the way because your kitchen is so small, and your main counter space is a cutting board you balance over the sink.

We have a solution for all that.

We’ve teamed up with merriment mavens from Feastly, Wine Awesomeness and Blood, Sweat & Cheers to offer a dinner party for you and seven friends, cooked by an up-and-coming supper club, in their space. You just bring your favorite people and the good food, and good wine, is all taken care of. No check to split, no dishes to do, no strings attached. What could be better? Enter now to win.

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