Protect Yourself from Old Man Winter


brooklyn-snow-storm-gotham-brokerage-insurancePhoto courtesy of Emily Rides via Flickr

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When you were a kid, what was better than a snow storm? You didn’t have to go to school, and you spent the day building snow forts, sledding, or, if it was snowing too hard, just sipping hot chocolate in front of the TV.

As fun as snow storms can be for kids, adults have more pressing concerns. Your home is vulnerable to a lot of damage during a serious winter storm. A buildup of heavy snow can cause your roof to collapse. A power outage caused by high winds, snow, or ice could lead to your pipes freezing and bursting while you’re away, damaging all of your belongings. Ice can get into cracks in your walls, causing further damage. In 2013, winter storms caused $1.9 billion dollars in insured losses—the third most costly type of natural disaster, after hurricanes and tornadoes.

Fortunately, Gotham Brokerage Co., Inc., has over 50 years of experience matching New Yorkers with the right insurance policies, and they know what New York City winters are capable of. As an insurance broker, Gotham Brokerage works with multiple insurers, and can make sure that you find the policy that’s right for you, whether you rent a one-bedroom apartment or own your own townhouse.

Don’t wait until you get snowed in…contact Gotham Brokerage today.