An Online Gift Guide for Snow-Weary Valentine’s Day Shoppers


Introducing the Love Bot...isn't he cute?

Introducing the Love Bot…isn’t he cute? Photo:

We get it. You’re finally getting over the holiday gift stress, and you just want to hunker down for the rest of the winter binge-watching Black Mirror in your sweats. You don’t want to trudge around town shopping for your beloved. Instead, use these five online portals to find romantic gifts for your loved ones, who will appreciate you thinking outside the (Duane Reade chocolate) box. Or better yet? Treat your own damn self to something special–each of these sites sell way more than lovey dovey presents.

Indulge the super sweet tooth with this selection of artisanal delights.

Indulge the super sweet tooth with this selection of artisanal delights. Photo:

Upgrade your wine and roses at this site that focuses on indie foods and spirits. Honor the sci-fi nerd in your life with the Love Bot ($23), an adorable hand gilded dark Venezuelan chocolate. Love Potion #9 ($100) will definitely get you or your partner in the mood, with a selection of small batch alcohol including a floral gin, a violet liqueur and a bittersweet Grand Poppy. The Valentine’s XO Taster ($65 or $100) is the superior choice for sweets for your sugarplum. A curated selection of chocolates and candies from artisanal makers like NuNu Chocolates, Willamette Valley Confectionary and hot cakes will satisfy every craving. Shipping: $10-$15 flat; $2 extra for alcohol.

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