Get a Complimentary Three-Day Guest Pass to Crunch Fitness



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The key to a good exercise regimen is variety. That’s why Crunch Fitness offers unique classes designed to keep you excited about working out. Sign up for a complimentary three-day guest pass to see for yourself.

Powerball Pilates is one of the most popular classes at Crunch. It tones and strengthens by using the BOSU® Ballast Ball with traditional mat work to get your best pilates body in half the time. AntiGravity Yoga® uses a flowing fabric hammock to assist with challenging postures as you stretch into seemingly impossible inverted positions. And for any dudes out there who are intimidated by yoga, check out Broga®—created to make yoga more appealing and rewarding for men. Take this class and combine yoga sequences with high intensity interval training to give you the energized feeling you get from working out, combined with the relaxation from a traditional yoga practice.

If you’re really looking to break into a sweat, try some of the addicting, music-driven classes like The Ride, Chisel, TRX®-XXX, and Cardio Kickboxing.

Crunch puts their own spin on The Ride classes to ensure you get a heart-pumping workout. You can boost your workouts by using weights and calisthenics to sculpt and shape your muscles in Chisel. Or, skip the weights and use the TRX®-suspension trainer to push yourself to your extreme, progressing through three sections of total-body resistance training. Kickboxing is always an effective way to work out, and with Cardio Kickboxing you’ll leave wanting more after you follow drill-based kickboxing exercises designed to elevate your heart rate and challenge your muscles and mind. You won’t regret those Sunday-night football snack sessions when you’re taking these classes each week.

Whether you’re looking to tone up, slim down, or just increase your overall health, Crunch features classes where you can work out with others who are working toward the same goals.

Join the Crunch Fitness community. Stop by Crunch Fort Greene, Crunch Park Slope or any of their other 14 NYC area gyms to check out these and other classes. And don’t forget to grab a complimentary three-day guest pass.