Embrace winter with warm scents from Good Candle



Lighting a Good Candle is excellent protection against winter dreariness.

When we head outside in the winter we bundle on the layers–hats, coats, scarves, gloves and sweaters–to keep the cold bite at bay. Think of the illumination and warms scents from Good Candle as a way to bundle up inside. For those months when it’s dark when you wake up and dark when you come home, lighting one of their hand-poured, Brooklyn-made candles to fill your apartment with the memory of a summer campfire, the tang of a Sunday morning mimosa, or thrill crisp thrill of spruce needles, may just transform winter into a cozy delight.


Would you care for a quarter pound of Campfire?

Good Candles are made in Crown Heights, using American-grown soy wax and high-quality essential and fragrance oils, and they come in three sizes–quarter pound ($16), half pound ($25) and pound ($30). Their gorgeously evocative fragrances include holiday appropriate options like Fig, Spruce and Campfire, as well as Basil, Lavender and Rose, which may jog your memory to a warmer time of year. They’re offering flat-rate shipping for the holidays, so you can send a little bit of Brooklyn warmth to friends and family far away with ease. Or, smell for yourself at their Dec. 15 pop-up at Madewell in SoHo from 6-8pm.

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