Our favorite #longreads of 2015


Whether you’re logging in time on a plane or train, looking for a little escape from family togetherness, or just stretching out on the couch and enjoying some days off, there’s a little more time to curl up with all the longreads you’ve been meaning to read for weeks–or months–right now as the year winds down. We’ve complied a list of 14 long-form articles we admired from the past year. Some of them awed us with their reporting, others with their gorgeous language and brilliant arguments. Others just freaked us out. From the indignities of Tinder, to the transformative power of Twitter (really), to masterworks of both opinion and reporting by the likes of Rebecaa Solnit, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Zadie Smith, and a few of our favorite pieces from Brooklyn Based, it’s a pleasure to share such a rich and varied list of good work by smart people.

Happy holidays, dear readers.

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    • Annaliese Griffin -

      That one was an outlier–we read it this year and loved it so we threw it in there.


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