Make the most out of every event with Wavework


Find a face in the crowd with Wavework. Credit: Governors Ball

Find a face in the crowd with Wavework. Credit: Governors Ball

Even if you’re not a die-hard baseball fan, the start of the season means it’s time to start hanging outdoors. And wherever you head out this spring and summer, be it a concert or a Cyclones games, the East End or your favorite beer garden, you’re going to come across people you’d like to meet. So let Wavework introduce you.

Wavework connects you to other creative and professionals at live events and lets you message each other once you check in at the same venue, opening up a stream of contacts and opportunities that you would never discover otherwise. A lot of apps promise to simplify your life; this one actually improves your professional prospects without you having to work too hard at it.

You don’t have to rely on your beer-soaked memory to recall the name or email you got at a game, and you can leave notes about the person you spoke to at that creativity conference so you can keep the conversation going afterward. It’s also a saving grace for any introvert whose stomach turns at the thought of networking, because you don’t have to reach out at the event itself. You can just see who checked into Wavework at the event, and follow up afterward.

If you hate pulling out a business card, or have stopped carrying them entirely, Wavework is your new best friend. Download it, and connect with like-minded creatives and professionals at events.

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