Five outdoor spots to visit this summer



As if you needed another reason to visit Industry City. How about a dance party? Photo: Industry City

This weekend marks the unofficial start to summer, which means trips upstate, free movie screenings, and a lot of al fresco dining, drinking, and dancing. Here are just a few of the newest spaces for all your outdoor frolicking needs.

Courtyard at The Landing It seems like every week, Industry City finds a new reason to get us down to Sunset Park. The latest addition to the multi-faceted site is Courtyard at The Landing, a new outdoor space co-founded by the people behind Gowanus’ Bell House that’s fit for all your summer-y needs. Throughout the season, locals are invited to grab food prepared by executive chef Adam Shepard (Tavern On The Green, Union Pacific) and enjoy a full bar plus a slew of special events, including a brand new Saturday night dance party hosted by Freedom Party. The inaugural 80s versus 90s fête kicks off on June 4.


Nowadays is more like a boozy playground than a park. Photo: Nowadays

Mister Sunday moves to Queens Speaking of Industry City:  Mister Sunday, the famed dance party that used to be held there is officially moving to Ridgewood. Though it technically made its return on May 15, Mister Sunday hits its full summer swing this weekend when the dance party goes down at beloved outdoor bar Nowadays. The massive space features not only actual grass and trees, but ping-pong, checkers, a full-blown menu, and a dog-friendly policy. The party ain’t free (tickets will set you back $10-$20), but we can’t think of a better way to take the “lazy” out of Sundays.  


Get Extra Fancy this weekend. Photo: Extra Fancy

Extra Fancy gets extra fancy Williamsburg’s Extra Fancy has long been lauded for its take on New England fare, but if you ever had the feeling that the space was missing something prepare to feel that way no more. Earlier this month, Extra Fancy debuted a new gas station-turned-outdoor bar complete with shaded picnic tables, cold beers, light bites, and their famous frozen cocktails, including the Frozémonade (frozen rosé + lemonade). After hosting a crawfish boil in the space, Extra Fancy hasn’t lined up any other events, but the introduction of a fantastic new outdoor area is gift enough.


The beat goes on at Brooklyn Mirage, even without a liquor license. Photo: Brooklyn Mirage

Brooklyn Mirage If house music is your jam, then there is no better place to be this summer than Brooklyn Mirage in East Williamsburg. This summer, the seasonal indoor/outdoor club plays host to The Cityfox Experience and Zero music festivals in a new 6000-person venue at Stewart Avenue and Meserole Street. The organizers behind the party have been known to push the rules, attempting to hold dance parties in a Greenpoint factory and a Superfund site while just last weekend they were busted by cops for selling liquor without a license. According to DNAinfo, the team behind the party is working overtime to get the issue straightened out, but partygoers don’t seem to mind, with many saying the Brooklyn Mirage parties rock—even without legal booze. (Read: That hasn’t stopped anyone from engaging in BYOB.) Get your $45 tickets to the next show on June 18 featuring Richie Hawtin, Behrouz, Brian Cid.


Campari, white wine and soda–that’s a bicicleta. Get one at August Laura.

August Laura If you prefer to party in a more intimate space, you’ll definitely want to drop by August Laura, one of Carroll Gardens’ newest bars. Founded by former Death & Co general manager Frankie Rodriguez and former Bar Room head bartender Alyssa Sartor, the new space pays homage to the neighborhood’s Italian roots in the form of $12 classic Italian cocktails (i.e. negronis and biccicletas out the wazoo) and an impressive array of high-brow bar foods, including well-sourced pancetta and gouda and Italian sloppy joe sliders. The best part of it all? A super-romantic 14-person patio that’ll make you feel as if you’re taking in the night air on an Italian piazza.

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