Fill in Your Fall Like a Pro: Continuing Education Classes at The New School


continuing education NYC at New School for Social Research02

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What makes for a great education? It’s all about the experience. And fortunately, just because you might not have stepped into a classroom since college graduation doesn’t mean you can’t still get a slice of the college life.

This August, fill in your fall with your own #BTS moment with Continuing Education courses at The New School in the heart of NYC’s Greenwich Village.  Classes include options such as Intro to Jewelry Design; Screenwriting for Web; Linguistic Anthropology; Music, Media and Society; Feasting Your Eyes: Food and Film; and Cuba Now! Arts and Society.

Continuing Education NYC New School for Social Research

What makes The New School different? In most colleges and universities, continuing education students are separated from those pursuing degrees; they take different courses and frequently are assigned instructors with less experience.

Not at the The New School.  Continuing education students sit alongside those pursuing degrees.  As a result, lifelong learners are taught using the same New School methods, which include an interdisciplinary approach, drawing from multiples branches of knowledge — journalism students collaborate with design students, architects with social researchers, media specialists with activists, poets with musicians.

Students enrolled at The New School’s Parsons School of Design, for example, learn about graphic design, social media and branding — a multifunctional approach that helps them apply their learning to the real world.

Continuing Education NYC New School for Social Research

Since The New School was founded in 1919, it has continued to drive forward its core commitment to foster a free exchange of ideas between the public, scholars and artists. Today, this philosophy continues to live on even in its Continuing Education social media campaign, #LearnGrowRepeat.

And this philosophy finds its best application in New York City (as in real estate, location matters). With its main campus based in Greenwich Village, The New School is easy to access. It also offers the added benefit of proximity to iconic buildings and works of art – many of which are housed in The New School’s University Art Collection.

Continuing Education students at Parsons view buildings designed by the likes of Frank Gehry and visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art to view the works of masters like El Greco. If an instructor has an art show, students can check it out and engage with the material.

Enrollment — whether for an online class or one at the Greenwich Village campus — is open.  Learn more and save your spot today>>

Want to learn more before you sign up? Get a hands-on experience at The New School’s  Continuing Education Expo at 6:30 p.m. on August 2. RSVP now>>