A love letter to NYC on election day

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Dear New York,

Sometimes you are so overwhelming. Sometimes you feel like the birthplace of impatience and self-importance. But the big moments? In blackouts and transit strikes, in hurricanes and blizzard and floods, and in a crazymaking, historic election that sends record numbers (we’re guessing) to the polls, where you have to wait in line and maybe even chat with your neighbor a bit? New York, then you’re the best.


Brooklyn Based

Thanks to Spencer Starnes for these images of voters in Crown Heights and Flatbush this morning. full-drawings-1 full-drawings-4 full-drawings-3 full-drawings-5 full-drawings-9 full-drawings-10 full-drawings-11 full-drawings-12 full-drawings-13 full-drawings-14 full-drawings-15 full-drawings-16 full-drawings-17 full-drawings-18 full-drawings-19 full-drawings-20

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