Save big on your first grocery order + get 60 days free delivery with code BKBASED



Take the stress out of this busy time with They bring everything you need to your door from roasts to wreaths. And you won’t pay more for the convenience.

Two of us at Brooklyn Based tried it—one order was delivered to Brooklyn, one just outside NYC. Compared to the prices we’re used to paying to get quality meats and produce delivered to our door, it’s shocking how inexpensive Peapod is.

For pre-cut veggies like butternut squash or zucchini noodles you’ll get twice the amount for nearly the same price you usually pay, be able to buy organic milk by the gallon (not an easy find even online) and save on household items, too.

To stretch your dollar even further, get $25 off your first order and pay nothing for delivery for the first 60 days with the code BKBASED.*

They also offer endless recipes to help inspire your meal planning at, like the one below.

Ready to see how far your dollar will go? Try with code BKBASED.


You have a lot of holiday parties ahead of you. Make something warm and decadent like baked crab dip using this recipe at

*Discount only valid for local Pick-up or Delivery of Peapod groceries. The $25 off your first order will automatically be deducted online when you correctly enter your valid promotional code (BKBASED) at checkout. Free Delivery on your first order will be added as a credit at checkout. Minimum Order for the $25 off promotion is $75. Offer valid for new customers only. Use promo code 60DAYSFREE on your second order to receive 60 days of free delivery. Minimum Order amount for free delivery is $60. Not valid with any other offer. Expires on 12/31/2016.

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