Car sharing in Brooklyn gets an upgrade with BMWs and MINIs on demand


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There is no “typical” Brooklynite — they come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. But 44 percent of Brooklynites do share one common trait: They don’t own cars.

That’s always made intra-borough travel a bit of a headache. (And the coming L train shutdown won’t help.)


ReachNow, a new car-share service from BMW that debuted last November, has recently increased its footprint in Brooklyn, and is now available from Greenpoint to Bay Ridge — 26 square miles in all.

How do you use it? Just download the ReachNow app on your phone, find an available car nearby on the map, reserve it, and walk to where it’s parked on the street. Unlock it with your phone — and off you go.


Use it all you want, for as long as you want, insurance and gas included, in any way you like — by the minute, by the hour or by the day — including the following:

Ikea shopping: Have you ever lugged patio furniture on the bus? We did — once.

Coney, baby: There is no sun roof on the F train. Sign us up.

Airport run: Ever wonder what it’s like to drive past the mile-long line of people waiting at the airport taxi stand? Tip: turn down the radio, no need to rub it in.

Business lunch: No matter what business you’re in, it can’t hurt to offer your colleague — or your client — a ride back to the office in a BMW.


And midday trips have never been easier. Every Monday through Thursday, drive for up to three hours for only $25. That’s a 50 percent discount off the normal price.

Oh, did we say these are luxury model BMWs and MINIs? Leather interiors, Bluetooth, and plenty of trunk space are part of the deal. And this summer, all bridge and tunnel tolls will be picked up by ReachNow.

For more information, visit the ReachNow website.