Pizza and a movie

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Like in theater, Monday is dark for me. But sometimes I’ll have friends over for dinner and a movie. I’m thinking pizza from Roberta’s—let’s see if they really are the best pizza in NYC.

BB Editors add: if you’re feeling like you need to get out of the house, head to Syndicated, around the corner from Roberta’s to get a cocktail and watch Synecdoche New York. Not your typical summer movie fare, Synecdoche is a reminder of how much American film lost when Phillip Seymour Hoffman died, an actor equally at home playing a blustery Mission Impossible villain opposite Tom Cruise as he was starring in a quiet, emotionally complicated film like this. As a theater director who leaves his small town enclave and crumbling marriage to work on an experimental piece in New York City, Hoffman explores the intersection of greatness and the quotidian, of self and family, and mind and body. Joined by the always wonderful Catherine Keener, as well as Samantha Morton and Michelle Williams, this is one that will leave you with more questions than answers, and that’s ok. Showtimes are at 6:45 and 9pm, and tickets are just $4.

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