How Car-on-Demand Is Transforming the Weekend Getaway


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Free-floating car share by ReachNow lets you pick up and return a car from anywhere in the Brooklyn home area with affordable rates by the minute, hour or day.


A weekend getaway for Brooklynites without cars was formerly a giant, throbbing headache. Prices for car rentals have always been prohibitive, so Brooklynites needed to get creative with other transportation options. Remember when tales of sardine-packed Jitney trips ruled the water cooler on Monday morning?

We do. Then car sharing arrived, and now we brag about it on Slack — register now for $15 in driving credit, see details below — casting to the dustbin the following schleps for weekend getaways:

Springs in Your Step: Hop on Amtrak and do an overnight in upstate New York, at Saratoga Springs, to check out the oldest continuously operating horse racing track in the U.S.

The problem: Without a car, you need a horse (or a cab) to see much of the surrounding area — and the latter can get to be expensive, especially if you’ve lost money on the ponies.

But with ReachNow, you can be spontaneous and check out that bed and breakfast a few miles from the train station — and it’s cheaper than a four-ticket package on Amtrak.

Bear of a Trip: Take a full day cruise to Bear Mountain on the Hudson River.

The problem: Try booking one of these ferries at the last minute. Besides, your options for navigating the 50-plus hiking trails are limited on foot.

But with ReachNow, you don’t need to rely on anyone’s schedule but your own, and you can drive to the top of Bear Mountain observatory and check out stunning 360-degree views of the Palisades. Or people can just observe you, sitting in a luxury BMW or MINI.

Down the Shore: Schlep the 2.5-hour train ride on New Jersey Transit to Asbury Park or any of the numerous seaside towns on the Jersey Shore.

The problem: Walking 20 minutes in August in extreme heat to the beach from the train station feels like Navy SEAL training.

But with ReachNow, you can bring all your necessary beach toys — paddle ball, cooler, umbrella — and turn up the summer tunes on your way down the shore.

With ReachNow, pick up and return from the Brooklyn home area and drive anywhere, 400 miles a day. The price for the weekend – with gas and insurance included — is only $110 a day and gets cheaper the longer you keep the car — five days for $350.  All cars are E-ZPass equipped and tolls are free for a limited time.

To register for $15 in driving credit, just download the app (iOS or Android) and enter BKLETSGO17 in the promo section. Credit is valid for the first 500 new members only. Offer expires 9/13/17.

For more information, visit the ReachNow website.