David’s Brisket House benefit for refugees


Yesterday the NAACP announced a travel advisory for Missouri(!) and Emma Lazarus’ poem on the Statue of Liberty was renounced in a White House press conference, and that’s just two of about 10 horrifically racist/xenophobic things that hit the news in a 12-hour span. It’s not a good situation out there, but if you need to be reminded about what actually makes America (and Brooklyn) great, consider storied Bed-Stuy deli David’s Brisket House, which was originally opened by a Jewish family in the 1930’s and was eventually bought by a Yemeni Muslim who owned another shop on the block. The restaurant still churns out delicious traditional Jewish fare like brisket and pastrami on rye, but also it closes every week for Friday prayer. On Thursday night, they’re hosting a special dinner party to benefit HIAS, an organization that helps place and protect refugees and needs help now more than ever. The menu includes pastrami, brisket, pickles, potato salad, fries, macaroni salad, soda, and a slice of cake. Tickets are $45 and dinner starts at 8pm.

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