New (or newish) restaurants in and around Fort Greene


Over the past few months there has been a flurry of new restaurant openings across the borough. Fort Greene and Clinton Hill have seen even more new spots pop up than most other neighborhoods, so it’s totally understandable if you’ve lost track of what’s on offer. Here are some highlights we’ve come to know and love.

Double Brown sandwich Hudson Jane

The Double Brown is one of Hudson Jane’s signature sandwiches. Photo: Hudson Jane

Hudson Jane, 360 Myrtle Ave.

It didn’t take long for Hudson Jane to carve itself a niche as a solid all-day spot for favorites, like salads made with local produce, sandwiches and pastas, with plenty of vegetarian options. A business that does double duty as a coffee spot and full-service restaurant (with a full dinner menu and evening hours coming later this month), Hudson Jane is a spot where you can grab coffee and a pastry or egg sandwich on your way to work, or meet someone for lunch, which is not always an easy thing to find in Brooklyn. Also, there’s dessert (apple cobbler) on their breakfast menu–a world of yes.

Mettā, 197 Adelphi St.

We love Mettā so much we did a stand alone review of this meat-centric, yet somehow vegetarian-friendly spot, which has been getting rave write-ups all over the place. With dishes ranging from charred beets with creme fraiche and rye berries to a more straightforward slow-roasted lamb, chef Norberto Piattoni’s new spot wraps guests up in the warm embrace of the open flame. It also has one of the neighborhood’s most intriguing drink menus ranging from hearty chilled reds to extraordinary cocktails, to non-alcoholic selections like maple soda.

Middle Eastern flavors shine at Miss Ada. Photo: Michael Tulipan for Miss Ada

Miss Ada, 184 Dekalb

Chef Tomer Blechman employed a play on the Hebrew word misada, or restaurant, in naming his new spot, Miss Ada. Middle Eastern flavors, preparations and ingredients, like harissa, sumac, charred eggplant and preserved lemons stud the menu, and diners can count on frequent dashes of tahini and the occasional spicy Yemenite sauce for an extra kick. There’s also backyard seating, making it a great option for this extended bout of warm weather we’re having. Oh, and there’s a beluga vodka and pickled mushroom shot on the drinks menu that we haven’t been willing to try yet, but is definitely calling someone’s name. Is it yours?

Mekong, 250 Dekalb

There are few meals more enticing than a warm bowl of pho on a rainy–or snowy–day, and Mekong promises to be your new cooler weather best friend. Whether you’re ordering delivery or heading to the restaurant, you’ll find Vietnamese staples, like papaya salad, pho, bahn mi and bun–that super delicious combo of vermicelli noodles topped with vegetables, meat and tons of herbs. Mekong uses super high quality ingredients, but the prices are still make-it-a-once-a-week-thing low, so you may find yourself here a lot.

U-gu, 541-B Myrtle Ave.

If you’re jonesing for some classic rolls, $10 lunch specials and the freedom to create your own sushi bowl, then U-gu has your back. Their menu includes the basics, like spicy tuna, while also offering specialty rolls like the baked spicy salmon salad with oshinko. The seaweed salad and generous options for vegetarian rolls also make it a great spot for vegans and vegetarians.

How’s that for a start to the day? Photo: @HartsBrooklyn

Hart’s, 506 Franklin Ave.

Another buzzy media darling, Hart’s has been around for close to a year now, serving Mediterranean-inspired dishes like an olive oil and garlic soaked clam toast that you must order if you go. Brunch options include olive oil cake with whipped cream and strawberries, and a grass-fed lamb burger (this week, at least), and you’ll spot beautiful ingredients like ground cherries, head-on prawns and the bitter crunch of treviso on the dinner menu, to give you an idea of what farm-to-table looks like in Bed-Stuy in 2017. Pro tip: Make a reservation using Resy–the wait for this cockleshell-sized space can be ridiculous on weekends.

Boqueria, 590 Fulton

While we’re on the subject of brunch, Boqueria offers a delicious variety of Spanish brunch classics. Cure a hangover by munching on the revuelto de gambas (a soft scramble of shrimp, guindilla peppers, a fillone toast served with patatas bravas), and washing it down with shishito pepper-infused tequila and fresh lime.  This is also an excellent spot for happy hour or a long, leisurely dinner full of small plates, glasses of wine, and heady conversation.

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