Movie Monday: Jumpstart Halloween with “Carrie” at Metrograph


God bless Metrograph for jumpstarting our Halloween movie mania with a Written by Stephen King series because really, what could be more perfect for October? Kick back across Metrograph’s plushy seats and journey back into the 1970s alongside a 27-year-old Sissy Spacek, and John Travolta in his first major movie role. (Remember when he wasn’t…this?) This Brian De Palma feature, in particular, is a timely film to see on on a Monday. After all, the day after your weekend sure can suck, but at least it’s not as bad as being holed up at the prom with Carrie–or pretty much any day being holed up in the house with Carrie’s crazy mom. Carrie plays at Metrograph on Monday at 1pm and 3pm. Tickets are $12. If you can’t go to the movies on a Monday afternoon, it’s available on Amazon and iTunes starting at $4 to rent.

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