A Thanksgiving plan for those with no plans


I think I’ve seen about 50 movies based on the premise that exciting, life-changing things happen when people are stuck in New York City alone with no plans over the holidays, but given that my family is a 40-minute drive away I’ve never had the chance to test out the theory. If you find yourself untethered on Thursday and are looking to meet some new faces, the 5th Annual Orphans Thanksgiving at Greenpoint Beer & Ale Co. seems like the kind of thing that could lead to a screenplay-worthy Thanksgiving adventure. At 6pm, they are throwing a Mexican-influenced T-Day dinner, with food from Maizey Sunday Tacos, beer and wine, and a dessert potluck (in case it just doesn’t feel like Thanksgiving without your great-aunt’s famous pumpkin pie). Then, at 8pm, the bar will host a screening of This Is Spinal Tap, which is the best. The whole shebang costs $65, $10 of which will to the Greenpoint Soup Kitchen.

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