Your Monday action against Trump’s latest scam


A Monday is as good a day as any to get back in the ring when it comes to political activism, especially if you’re fueled by the various family discussions that transpired over Thanksgiving. This Monday, November 27 is the official national day of action for #TrumpTaxScam Sit-In’s.

Trump’s latest Tax Reform Plan includes permanent tax cuts for the rich, corporate tax cuts, and the cherry on top being a repeal of the individual mandate of the ACA, potentially leaving 13 million uninsured. The Indivisible Project is working to fight the Senate passing of this bill (which could happen as soon as November 30) – and they need your help.

Everything you need to know take action can be read about on Indivisible’s website. Most importantly, the group has just reinstated their peer-to-peer calling tool, which allows people (like you and me) from blue states (like ours) to easily connect with constituents in target states like Alaska and Arizona. Don’t worry – Indivisible provides plenty of scripts for you to work off from, so you’re supported from the ground up.

Let’s make some noise.

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