Make Friday night Wine Riot night


Rabbit, rabbit, and what better way to ring in the beginning of the last month of this preposterous debacle of a year that with an event called Wine Riot, am I right? This traveling interactive wine tasting extravaganza has gathered together a ton of vino and loads of experts who will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about oenophilia. It’s all of the fun and none of the pretension! The booths will have crash courses on topics like the relative merits of oaked vs. unoaked, how terroir and climate affect taste, and general tricks that will have you picking the best bottle for every conceivable circumstance in no time.

Tickets are $65 each and cover all the wine you can drink in a 3 hour session at the Brooklyn Expo Center, plus a photo booth, food, souvenir glasses and more. Friday’s session runs from 7-10pm but if you can’t make it that night, you can sign up for one of two available sessions the next day.

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