Live vibes and records to get lost in at Planetarium


It is hard to leave the apartment on a Sunday in January, but what if you left your house only to curl up in someone else’s? That is exactly what Planetarium sounds like. Held inside the new indoor space at Nowadays, these listening sessions are designed for music lovers who enjoy tuning in to new sounds and tuning out the rest of the world. You bring pillows and sleeping bags and get cozy on the wood floor in the middle of their kickin’ hi-fi system, or curl up on one of their couches with one of their yoga blankets instead. The bar is open throughout for drinks, and you can bring or order in your own food. It’s not exactly social, as everyone is asked to keep their voices to a whisper as Nowadays co-honcho Eamon Harkin spins while vibraphonist and composer Will Shore performs live. But it does sound like a particularly relaxing way to re-enter the week. Nowadays, Ridgewood, Queens, 6pm, tickets $20 in advance.

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