Reaching for the stars in 2018


If there is ever a time when even skeptics consider astrology a bonafide way of thinking about the year ahead, it’s in January. The slate is clean, it’s the closest, cheapest thing to a crystal ball, and hell, it’s fun having someone tell you what to expect in your relationship and at work. Add the uncertainty of living with a president who keeps talking about his big nuclear buttons, and you have a prime moment for believing in the stars. On Monday, delve a little deeper into understanding this whole Saturn influence we’ll be experiencing for the next five years, or why Jupiter will have such an expansive effect at Brooklyn Brainery. Resident astrologer and tarot expert Russ Ross will explain all the planetary shifts we’ll be experiencing in the upcoming year, and how it will affect our personal lives and the world at large. Astrology may be fake, but this sounds cool. Monday, January 8, 8:30pm, $18.

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