A Sunday shvitz


Enjoying—or rather, enduring winter—is all about finding ways to warm up, and this city has a ton of spas and saunas that will do the trick. Sunday promises to be a balmy 47 degrees, which means that you can actually enjoy the outdoor pools and roofdecks that places like Spa Castle provides. You could stay local and try outdoor sauna/spa cityWell brooklyn (which has women-only hours on Sundays, and you need to book in advance); or experience a real Russian bathhouse, Brooklyn Banya, like our writer Tyler Wetherall did. “Here in Brooklyn,” she writes, “we live in close quarters with one another’s cultures, yet how often do we crossover in a meaningful way? The banya is as much a social club as a place to slow roast oneself, and it’s open to everyone.”  Admission is $40 and weekend hours are 8am-11pm. 

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