A moonlit bridge walk


I always find it amazing how— in a city so big, diverse, and active— it often can feel impossible to meet new people in an organic way, so I’ve sort of made finding new ways to do it a 2018 goal for myself. This Thursday, Feb. 1, the Winter Wonderland Walk, guided by NYC Wild!, sounds like a pretty low-key way to get outside and get some pretty incredible photos of the city, all while spending time with some new, adventurous peeps who enjoy a great view as much as you do. The walk consists of two legs: One on the Manhattan Bridge to catch the sunset and then a jaunt across the Brooklyn Bridge to see the full moon rise, followed by a meal together afterwards on the Manhattan side. Tickets start at $10, and if you can’t make it by 4pm for the first part of the walk, join up for Part 2, and be sure to dress warmly!

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