A night of Nietzsche (and many more philosophers) at Brooklyn Public Library


You’ve probably never thought to yourself, I could really use 12 hours of philosophy, but now that I’ve floated the idea, it sounds intriguing, right? In collaboration with the Institut Français and the Cultural Services of
the French Embassy, the Brooklyn Public Library will host this now-annual event called “Night of Philosophy and Ideas” from 7pm Saturday, Jan. 27 to 7am Sunday, Jan. 28. The all-night marathon at the Central Library features philosophical debates, screenings and readings from top philosophers today—one of whom does indeed talk about Nietzsche and Buddhism at 1:30am on Sunday. For the most part, however, the conversations delve into the current political and social moment, including the Black Lives Matter movement and a talk called “Better Living Through Feminism.” Add some a sprinkling of circus troupes and 70s-style “happenings” throughout the night, and you have an event like no other. Tickets are completely FREE, though you are encouraged to RSVP.   

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